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Gerovital Luxury Volume Booster Lip Cream - 15ml

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Gerovital Luxury - Increases cellular longevity by bringing an infusion of youth and beauty to the skin.

The Volume booster lip cream Gerovital Luxury is an alternative to invasive methods which imply the subcutaneous injection of hyaluronic acid, collagen for lip modeling which allows for the attainment of sensual lips, with an architecture based on contour and volume. 

Dermatologically tested
Gerovital Luxury is based on the latest breakthroughs in regenerative avant-garde medicine, with ingredients that revitalize youthful proteins and increase cell longevity. The products have both anti-age and immediate beauty.
Active ingredients
The cream combines natural ingredients: cinnamon essential oil and hot peppers for an instant effect with Volulip™ and Lakesis for a long-lasting effect.
Directions for use
Immediately after contact with the product, you will experience sensations of local burn, heat and the lips slightly bulk-up while their color intensifies. The unpleasant sensations disappear very quickly; the lips remain covered with a glossy film which confers them with volume.
Avoid contact with the eyes! Do not apply on irritated lips! Test your reactivity by applying the product on a small area of your lips before using!