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ASLAVITAL cosmetic products line is based on the genuine concept to prevent and delay skin aging.

The ASLAVITAL range exploit the remarkable potential of CLAY, natural active principle, well known from the ancients.

Following the tests performed according to the methodology compiled by European Cosmetic Toiletry and Parfumery Association( COLIPA), in the romanian subsidiary centre of Evic-France Institute it has been confirmed that the Aslavital products are Hypoallergenic.

The conclusion of the tests is that these products have a very good skin compatibility and are devoid of any allergenic potential even after applying on skin in exaggerated experimental conditions.

The Clay concentrates a set of benefic properties, which features it for a veritable lively and miraculous earth.

-it is a very strong body-power regenerator, which act as a considerable re-mineralizing agent for the physique, due to its complex mixture of aluminium-silicates and more than 20 natural minerals;

-reloads the organism's cells with vital-energy, invigorating them;

-it has exceptional re-equilibrating effect;

-it has a remarkable antioxidant, antitoxic, adsorbent and absorbent power;

-it posses antiseptic, cicatrizing, anesthetic and soothing virtues;

-represents a veritable natural UV filter;

-due to its attraction force, the clay pulls impurities to the surface where they could be drained.