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Gerovital H3 Derma+ Premium Care - Exfoliating booster with AHA - 4 vials x 2ml

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  • Action: Face care
  • Age: 30+ 35+ 45+ 55+
  • Skin type: All skin types
  • Use: Weekly care
Exfoliating Booster with AHA is designed to diminish the appearance of dull skin or lack of radiance and restore the natural uniformity and luminosity of the complexion.

To protect hands, wrap the ampoule in a napkin before opening it.
Avoid contact with the eyes!
It is recommended to use this product along with the Whitening Gel as a booster of the depigmentation action.
After the exfoliation and depigmentation treatment, apply the Soothing protective cream.
Active ingredients
AHA exfoliating complex ensures a gentle exfoliation, a regeneration of the skin from the inside out, an effective hydration.
Vitamin C, which is present in a particularly stable form, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, restores the natural protective barrier of the skin, improves the general appearance, fine lines and wrinkles, and it has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.
Directions for use
Exfoliation should be done once a week.
Pour the content of the ampoule in the palm and apply it by gently massaging the treated area. The product does not require rinsing.

During the exfoliation treatment it is recommended to avoid sun exposure, to use a cream with a high UV protection factor and to avoid potentially sensitising cosmetics.

It is recommended that the treatment be administered in the least sunny seasons.
Restore the natural uniformity and luminosity of the complexion