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Gerovital H3 Derma Plus - Mattifying Moisturizing Emulsion -50ml

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  • Action: Face care
  • Age: 20+ 25+ 30+ 35+ 45+ 55+
  • Skin type: Mixt skin Oily skin Sensitive skin Acne skin
  • Use: Daily, in the morning and evening


It is a lightweight cream, which according to its active ingredients, effectively regulate sebum secretion, mattifying, moisturizing and assuring a full care of oily skin problems.

Paraben free.

Active ingredients
Sebaryl regulates sebum secretion, is a natural astringent, has mattifying effect, it improves the structure and comfort of oily skin and has anti-irritant effect.

Titanium Dioxide
absorbs excess sebum and the mattifying effect is accentuated.

is an exceptional moisturizing ingredient, the skin is optimally hydrated and the physiological process of scaling is normalized to improve skin’s micro-relief and reduce fine lines.

has soothing effect, reducing skin redness.
Directions for use
Apply in the morning and in the evening on the cleansed skin.
Regulates sebum secretion, the skin remains matte and optimally hydrated.