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Anti Hair-Loss Ampoules – Intensive Treatment Gerovital Men - 10 amp x 10 ml

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Designed especially for men, for the fight against hair loss.
Contains 10 ampoules, 10 ml each.
The serum contains active principles consecrated for the remedy of this problem:
  • REDENSYL - which contain Larix and Green Tea extracts acting on the causes of hair loss;
  • GLYCINE – a major constitutive amino-acid of Keratin, and ZN which increases the resistance of the hair strand;
  • PROCAPIL, BIO-CAPIGEN and VITAMINS of the B group (B3, B6, and B7) – reduce sebum and dandruff respectively the “oily hair” appearance.

  • Action: Hair care Anti-Hair Loss Special care
  • Age: 30+ 35+ 45+ 55+
    Directions for use:
    Bring all of the serum in the bottom part of the ampoule and afterward position the ampoule with the breaking point in front.
    In order to break the ampoule you may use the protection cap - see the instructions on the leaflet within the packaging - or you may wrap the ampoule in a napkin before breaking it.
    Apply the content of an ampoule on the roots of the hair strands and massage gently until the product is completely absorbed into the skin.
    Use 1 ampoule/day for 3 months.
    No rinsing required.
    Strong, healthy, and shiny hair.