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Gerovital H3 Evolution - Perfect Anti-Aging Serum , 15ml

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Action: Anti-wrinkle, Anti-ageing

Skin Type: All skin types 

Age:  45+ 55+

Use: Daily care, morning and evening .


Perfect Anti-Age Serum is a powerful, anti-aging effect, especially developed for the treatment of mature skin.

Immediate anti-age effects: wrinkle reduction in a short time by the action of Gatuline Expression extract and Hyaluronic Acid liposomes.

Long-lasting anti-age effects: The original anti-age system - Superoxid Dismutase, Trylagen, GP4G - initiates structural changes in collagen fibers, provides the necessary energy support and antioxidant protection.

It is used daily, morning and evening, after the face has been cleansed and toned. It is associated with daily, moisturizing or nutritional maintenance cream.

The product is packaged in an airless bottle. This system has the main difference that there is no immersion tube, but a diaphragm that rises to the product discharge by actuating the button. Advantages of the airless system are: it allows to drain the contents almost 100%, the product dosing is constant, the risk of product contamination is low. At first use approximately 15-20 actuations are required to prime the pump.

Wrinkles are much diminished, firm and hydrated.