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Gerovital H3 Derma Plus - Dermal Repair Cream -50ml

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  • Action: Special care
  • Skin type: Sensitive skin
  • Use: Daily, in the morning and evening


The cream is recommended to accelerate epidermal repairing processes of the skin of adults and children with irritation or superficial injuries. The cream’s light, waterproof formula isolates the skin from the external environment and allows the application on recent scars, superficial wounds or minor trauma. The skin is soothed, protected, and the healing is accelerated.

Paraben free.
Reparatory effect after minor surgical procedures.

Active ingredients
Centerox exerts an intensive restructuring action of the skin's protective barrier by increasing the biosynthesis of collagen type I and III. The ingredient has a protective effect on the microcirculation as well.

Sepilift corrects fine lines, wrinkles and skin irregularities, deeply moisturizes and tones the tissues through multiple actions: it stimulates the contraction of collagen fibbers, protects the elastic fibbers from enzymatic cleavage and protects against free radicals.

Sepitonic M3 is a cocktail of mineral salts with chrono-energizing and antiradical action. It stimulates cellular respiration and the synthesis of cell’s energy mediators.

Panthenol improves moisturizing, reduces irritation and itching, accelerates wound healing processes.
Directions for use
Apply at least twice a day, on the affected areas.
Regenerates skin injured following minor trauma.