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Gerovital H3 Professional Line Equilibrium Hydra Protect Cream SPF 50- Salon Size 100 ml

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  • The Gerovital Equilibrium range is dedicated to skin care in cosmetic salons. The product below is for use at home by people who want to maintain treatment in the cosmetic salon.

Size: 100ml, salon size

Action: Moisturizing, UV Filter, Sun protection 

Skin Type: All skin types 

Age: 30+

Use: Daily care, morning and evening 


Product Benefits: The cream has an easy gel cream formulation, a moisturizing texture, no fat-free, mineral oil, ecocertifying natural emulsifier without parabens. With a high protection factor and active principles that give it good skin tolerance (pomegranate oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E), cream is an excellent means of protecting sensitive skin against premature aging caused by solar radiation and can be successfully used to prevent solar intolerance, photodermatitis, etc. The natural color (adaptable to all skin types) will correct imperfections.

Instructions for use: It can be used as a day cream, after cosmetic peeling or discoloration of pigment stains. The product is applied uniformly on clean and dry skin after cosmetic treatment 15-30 minutes before exposure to the sun. Avoid contact with eyes. It must be applied after a cosmetic treatment, even if it is cloudy.